benmackenzie.pngA few years back, I helped an author become an instant best seller with his book Think Two Products Ahead. It topped the Amazon Best Seller List for non-fiction for a week and was #2 overall (beat only by the wizardy of Harry Potter)

Through that process, I got to know an extraordinary man named Ben Mack.

We’ve become friends and now mastermind together on projects large and small.

How You Can Join A Mastermind And Make Your Book A Best Seller

I’ve been working with legendary brand-marketing genius Ben Mack with his new weekly 7-Person mastermind groups and I see how this what we need to do, you and me.

Ben Mack is a guy who sold $250 MILLION worth of yo-yo’s and was a VP at Cingular where we had a $500 MILLION marketing budget.


So you know that his strategies work BIG and if you want to learn more about how I’m applying this to authors you will join us Saturday to learn the exact details about how a small 7-person mastermind with me can get you the success for your book you deserve.

This isn’t a coaching thing — this is you getting a chance to be in a peer-mastermind group with me.

This is especially for authors wanting to start writing a new book or have a book about to be published.

Ben & I will announce details on our teleseminar Saturday at 9am Pacific / Noon Eastern

You will want to get on this call — Click now for details

YOU KNOW getting this kind of hands-on coaching on making your book profitable from the start is what will ensure you are best prepared to get your book the best seller sales you deserve.

It’s time to get to getting your book done right,


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