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As one of my subscribers who has proven to respond to great offers, I'd like to invite you to apply to come to our November Business Wealth Mastermind as my guest!

You can read over this page for details of the event, sold for $5000.00 elsewhere. You must meet all criteria below except the $5k.

Don't delay though.. I only can bring 3 people and I'm sending this to my top 10,000 subscribers.

Call 702-552-5100 to reach Warren now

 If You Are Ready to Create Real, Sustainable Wealth...

"Can We Spend Three Days Focusing on You, Your Business and Your Roadmap to a Seven Figure Business Next Year?"

The Business Wealth Mastermind Event

November 20th, 21st, and 22nd in Atlanta, Georgia

Are you ready to create real wealth so you can live the lifestyle you want?


Attendees experience phenomenal breakthroughs at this transformational event and return home with a new perspective to produce results and design a life they only dreamed about in the past.


We Will Be With You the Entire 3 Days

Keith Matthew, Ed Zimbardi, and Warren Whitlock hold these mastermind events to work with our business clients to find ways to bring in fast cash, automate lead flow, conversion and revenues to get to profits in the quickest ways possible.


Some of the successes coming out of the Business Wealth Mastermind

  • New 4 and 5 figure clients within days

  • A book written, published and on the best seller list in a few months

  • New online revenues from a system set up in hours

  • Joint Venture partnerships with our inner circle

  • Automatic system that freed up 74% of owner's time

  • Offline business leverage into an online cash cow

  • New frame of reference worth $1,000,000.00 in the first year

These are not claims that we will promise you. You know where you are in your business and whether or not you are ready for this sort of quantum leap in business growth.


What we can promise is our complete attention to your business and the unique challenges you face. We will get to know you and have plenty of time to consult, advise, recommend and plan implementation to grow your business like you've always known you could.


The Secret is the Mastermind


Our team has decades of business building experience. Our Inner Circle members have experience and you have more expert knowledge than you ever knew. When we get together and use our mastermind process, then spend the individual time needed with you.. it's like a magic door is unlocked.


New ideas, clarity on plans, better focus and a spark of genius come together to let us build a real road map to success.


Mastermind led by


Keith MatthewKEITH MATTHEW  helps people incorporate key success principles into their lives to accelerate their success through his 'Limitless Wealth and Success' system. Keith has made hundreds of thousands of dollars over the internet combining his expertise in both the Law of Attraction and Internet Marketing.



Ed ZimbardiED ZIMBARDI has successfully "Sold" & "Closed" millions of dollars of business over the past 6+ years and teaches clients how to do the same. He is a master at creating turnkey systems that generate passive income for his own business and for his clients.

WARREN WHITLOCK is a #1 best selling author, speaker publisher, blogger, and social media marketing strategist.

Warren has: taught thousands of small businesses, authors and individuals how to use proven direct marketing principles to promote products/services; started a trade association and served on several executive boards.


Come spend 3 days with Keith, Ed and Warren to build your business and create the quantum leap that will bring in 6 or 7 figure increases


Our Focus Is YOU!


This is not a seminar. We will not bore you with presentations..


We'll put your business on the hot seat, and share everything we've done to assist many other business owners just like you, giving you a website critique and a road map to implement and take your business to the next level.

An audio and video crew will tape the entire event, and you'll have an opportunity to get a set of Audio CDs after the event so you won't spend the weekend taking tons of notes!

After each day of personal development and wealth creation training, you'll be driven by limo to Ed's private home which rests on a golf course in a gated community where we'll have hosts and hostesses preparing food and drinks for you. There you will experience a taste of 'the lifestyle' while networking with Keith, Ed and Warren as well as other attendees in a relaxed social atmosphere.

How To Participate


Our Inner Circle members get first choice on available seats. If we have room, we invite motivated business oriented authors, professionals and entrepreneurs to join us


If you would like to be considered, you need:

  • Be available to arrive in Atlanta on Thursday 11/19 through 11/22

  • Have an existing business or plan to start a business by 1/2010

  • A laptop computer

  • Program fee of $5000.

If you meet these criteria, email Jamie Wintter or call 678-633-3737 and one of the leaders will call you within 24 hours.



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