UPDATE: This call was in the past. The recording is no longer available. 

Free Training Call for Authors this Saturday

Authors ask me “What does it take to make a bestseller?”

As you bring your bestseller to life, you need 3 things to turn your dream into a reality

  1. You need a realistic business plan
  2. You need outside perspectives
  3. You need a what I call a “book’s heartbeat”

On Saturday, I want to share all 3 with you

Getting Your Book Done Right

Saturday 1-hour workshop.
NOON Eastern / 9am Pacific
Dial-in Number: (616) 597-8000
Access Code: 218300#

A few minutes before the hour, dial the number listed and enter the access code. We’ll be on live to chat with you.

You will how easy it will be to make your book’s heart beat beat stronger, from the first page!

If you have a book to sell, working on publishing, writing, or just now getting started, this class is for you.

Print out this post, put it by your phone.. mark your calendar.. and be with Dr. Ben Mack and I this Saturday 10/31 for Free Author Training