Have you seen the Power of Words video?

We talk about book marketing, Internet promotion and the packing of you content to profit as an author and business. In today’s competitive market, the author platform is the key determining factor to the success of your book. Yes, your words can change lives

But never underestimate the power of words.

Words Can Change Lives

A kind word, an expression of gratitude, or an honest compliment can make someone’s day, turn a life around and become the inception of a world changing enterprise.

Whether you are writing your book, your blog, or just passing someone on the street today, use your words to make the world better.

As we wrote Profitable Social Media: Business Results Without Playing Games, we put some of the memes into the simplest phrases possible, using these word in tweets and social media postings. Honing the message to make certain that it caught attention, was repeatable and had meaning for the reader made our message easier to talk about, and easier to share.

If you get the message from this powerful video. Please share it with others today. You never know which simple messages will be the words that can change lives.