Best of 2008Amazon is talking about the Best Books of 2008 has an interesting list you may not have seen before.

The Best Cover Designs of 2008

Authors want to believe that the old adage “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover” means that they can overcome a lousy cover with great content inside.

Of course it’s true that the best writing, best advice, compelling story and secrets to a great life may be in a book with a mediocre cover… it’s also true that many books never get read because of the cover.

We teach authors that the cover, the distribution plan and above all, the marketing and promotion done by the author will largely determine whether anyone ever gets to read the material inside the book.

As an author, reader and publisher, I wish I could tell you different. I wish that worthy books, with important messages got out despite being ignored by the market. Sorry, that’s usually not the case.

Many great books never sell well, but the good news is that many authors, especially those with a sound book marketing strategy and online promotion system in place tell us that a book is the best thing that ever happened to them

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