An new author called the other day. He is writing a book to share what his expertiese and establish himself in the marketplace.

I asked what else he had besides the book. He replied that he was very busy doing what he’s an expert at, and that he’d create that content after the book was published and established.


This approach may have been viable just a few years ago… and while there’s a rare story of success this way, the chances of success are so small that I’d rather just say they are gone and share a better way.

—> Create a Lot of Content Fast

The tools available today let you write an article, share a photo or video and connect with your readers fast. I explain these in our FREE course at

I’m sharing one of these here. This post was written and posted a few minutes after seeing the following video. I’m sharing a video I liked.. it’s amusing, inexpensive and fast.

Take a quick break and watch… while you do, ask yourself how you might get something up TODAY.

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