There are many seminar events where you can learn more about learn about blogs, online marketing, speaking, writing and publishing, but one group stands out for having the best group of veteran web people who have been working in the trade for as long as it’s existed

The education choices at PubCon are emended, but make sure you attend the expo, the parties and mingle with the people outside the sessions too. Easy to meet people who have worked full time on designing the web for 15 years, or bought and sold multi million dollars companies.

The networking is what makes any such event. Pubcon is founded on that. It literally started as a conference in a pub when WebMasterWorld folks decided to get together to strengthen relationships formed online and help each other build better performing sites.

If you ever had a job like this, you know about PubCon. If you are new to business on the Internet, Pubcon is a great place to mingle and learn fast. That why I’ve attended for many years, and why I’m speaking at Pubcon again this year.

Come Join Me And Save 20%

When you come to Vegas, let’s plan to meet. Click on the banner above and use Code: rc-4514615 to save 20% on your already reasonably priced ticket when you order now. Then drop me a note and let me know you are coming. We can meet after my session, or at one of the tweet ups or parties.

Tweet me at @WarrenWhitlock or a comment below to let me know you will be here.