We talk often about social networking and social media to market your book.

Sometimes, I think authors suppose that these are good for promotion, and something that you switch on after your book is released. That may have been possible in the past, but is not the smart move today.

Not only do I strongly recommend that you start building relationship and your brand online today.. there is research out that show you’ll have a better book with better ideas, a richer experience and more fun.

Steve Johnson has great ideas.

He has been working on ideas and innovation for the past few years and now has a book Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation 

I hold that the connectivity that has increased in our capacity to generate new ideas at a faster rate than ever before. While there is still much benefit from closeting yourself off to contemplate, I suggest you find a balance where you use the power of collaboration in all you do.

Collaboration and networking are a part of every Best Seller Roadmap I do. Start building relationships, your online network and marketing team the minute you decide to write a book.

What are you doing right now to collaborate more?