I just read an excellent article called The 10 Worst Business Ideas of All Time by Dave Logan.

Most of the ideas were focus companies and used language that might turn off some authors. However, as we’ve said many times here, Your Book is a Business

planewithbikeWhen I speak to authors, explaining how successful authors invest in themselves, their marketing, the brand seen online and relationships to move to the next level, I often here objections about “tough times” or “I’ll do that when I get the book done”

To get another perspective, I quote #3 in the 10 here:

Since times are tough, suspend training.

A company that’s flush with cash doesn’t prove its commitment to the employee by investing a little on training and development. But that same company does prove its commitment to shredding the culture and setting its principles on fire when it sacrifices these activities in tough times.

When times are hard, employees (and managers and executives) often don’t know what to do. This is exactly when training and development (done well, not the ultra-lame stuff that’s pre-packaged and devolves into simple and useless steps) can make the difference. Even more important, this is when company leaders are most closely scrutinized, so it’s good to be seen doing the right thing.

Whenever you think “I’m too busy” or “I’ve got to make some money first”.. remember how successful businesses and entrepreneurs stand out.. They do the right things when it hard to do the right things.