Have you heard of Alan R. Bechtold? He’s this crazy guy who has been successfully marketing and publishing online more than 24 years … longer than anyone I’ve ever heard of. Since before there WAS a publicly-accessible World Wide Web.

I’ve never seen someone have more fun making money than Alan does. And now he’s released a full-length movie that shows you how to make all the money you want while you have fun doing the things you always loved doing most.

The movie, “The FUNdamental You,” has just been released. It ties in perfectly to Alan’s newest book, “Will Work for Fun: 3 Simple Steps to Turning Any Hobby or Interest Into Cash,” which was just recently released into book stores by John Wiley and Sons Books.

In both the movie and the book, Alan reveals his simple three-step formula for easily and quickly building any business — online or offline — through thinking like a publisher and changing the way you think about work.

I highly recommend you get “The FUNdamental You” or “Will Work for Fun” for yourself. Get both. After you see the movie, you’ll just want the book anyway.

You’ll have a blast learning Alan’s simple formula, because he’s poured more entertainment value into his new book and movie than I’ve ever seen in anything like them before.

Get the movie and book here:

Hurry — Alan’s holding a giant giveaway launch celebration that includes a bunch of valuable bonuses when you pick up the movie, the book, or the movie and book during the promotion.

It’s only scheduled to run a few daysTechnorati Tags: bechtold, will work for fun, author income