Talking to thousands of authors, I’ve learned that a primary motivation is to share a message with the world. That is, if you could wave a magic wand, have every person on the planet get the message, the business, marketing, and even wealth would be your second wish.

Most of us don’t have magic wands… So we look for ways to amplify our ability to share a message. We construct a plan to get income, invest in publicity, promotion and marketing to make it happen.

The following video show how one artist did this in a simple form. His creative output was not a message, but his method teach us.

If your goal is bigger than you imagine,  you may just have the right goal.

I don’t know any of the back story on this.. let’s assume that the artist could not have got this done without the backing of DHL. In fact, I suspect he created this with DHL in mind.

Does that make it any less creative?

Think about your own dream project. How might you get it to 100 or 1000 times as many people, help more, change lives and have more fun?

What other ideas did you get from watching?