In 1995, FastCompany debuted with this cover.

We knew that computers were more than number crunching machines way before that and use out PC’s to connect with modems to BBS (bulletin board systems) and send messages about topics of interest (mostly tech, but there were long threads about current events, politics, religion).

And since when is the idea of giving a friend a tip on what movie, music, TV or product they would like a Internet idea?

Granted, the new technology has allowed us to be online constantly, keep in touch with more people quicker and stay in touch with old friends while developing new friends.

It’s a must for any author marketing his book today.

Speaking of marketing. What about the “new idea” that the consumers are in control?

Weren’t they always in control of what they decided to consume and purchase?

There was a period of time when large advertisers seemed to get the upper hand. Spend enough money on national TV ads and people will try your product.

The key word is “try” not “love”

David Ogilvy, in “Confessions of an Adveriisng Man” in the 1960’s told us that we could get a consumer to try a product, but if the product sucked, the advertising would just speed up it’s demise.

With today’s technologies, your bad product or false promises will spread faster than ever. You might try to fool some of the people some of the time, but with social media and networking technologies, you can’t fool all the people all of the time (not a new idea either)