We’ve talked about the expert status you get when you are referred to as the author of a book.

Authors that speak get higher fees (one client recently reported a 500% increase in his speaking fees since his book came out) and entrepreneurs tell me they get more lead of a higher quality when prospect read their book.

5608Now we are seeing an attorney go from successful practice to nationally known expert. Alexis Martin Neely, author of “Wear Clean Underwear” is being interviewed on radio and TV and dozens of blogs and podcasts.

Legal Marketing pro Dennis Kunkler calls the the “catagory of one” on his Grow My Law Firm blog

“..this book is an “ultimate business card.” Who would not want this woman representing their family? Hiring her has nothing to do with the firm she works at, who her associates are, where she went to school or what organizations she belongs to. Alexis Martin Neely has created a “category of one.” If she were in your marketplace competing in the “Family Law” arena, all she would need to do is promote her book or somehow get it into her prospective clients’ hands.”

Whether you are an attorney/professional looking for a great marketing example (or for Family Practice, a great gift for clients) or any parent who wants the best future for children, Check out “Wear Clean Underwear: A Fast, Fun, Friendly – and Essential – Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Parents”