This year’s National Association of Broadcaster (NAB) seminar series will have a track featuring the best social media advice for broadcasters focusing on Twitter and featuring the author of the first book on Twitter. Marketing Strategist Warren Whitlock.

When asked how Twitter is changing the entertainment industry, Whitlock said “We no longer develop product and wait to see what sells. Today Twitter can bring you the pulse of the market in real time. Smart content producers are using it to listen to the market and respond immediately”

Faced with increased competition for viewers time and attention, marketers are now tapping into the growth of social media more than ever before.

“We are very good at broadcasting our messages and targeting a niche” Whitlock explained in a recent interview. “These new social media channels complete the communications loop and we need to get better at listening on a mass scale. We focus on using the new tools available to listen better, respond in real time and create engagement”

NAB 2010 will be held in Las Vegas April 12-15, 2010. Warren Whitlock head a private consulting group with clients in publishing, broadcasting, marketing and public relations. He blogs at