Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange
I don’t usually go in for networking schemes where you get paid to tell friends to join with a pitch that they will get paid to tell friends.

I’m usually looking for a lot more substance.

But two things are different about

  1. I remember getting paid by PayPal to open an account and that worked out well
  2. Best selling author Ben Mack called and told me how he got traffic from this

So I suppose you know by know how I used social marketing tagging and to spread the word. Most of the readers of this post will get here from the networking sites I belong to.

I joined by clicking on the Green Button. In about two minutes I had my $25 credit.

Then I got the code and made this blog post. Why? Because telling you about my blog site is even more valuable to me. I love having a readers comment and tell others about the innovative online marketing we do for authors, and I hope that you will come back after you get your $25 bounty and share your experience.

When you place a comment below, I’ll get a note with your site’s URL and pay a visit. Building the relationship further and hopefully adding some value with my comments.

Together we grow, have more fun.. and this time get paid $25 each in the process

Ben Mack is a brilliant marketing strategist. His best selling book “Think Two Products Ahead” went straight to the top of the best seller list last year when we used a promotion similar to the Green Button. We didn’t have the budget of a bank to pay people to sign up. What we did was assemble thousands of dollars of info-products for readers who bought the book. This resulted in 28,427 new subsribers to Ben’s mailing list, thousands of books sold and many thousands of dollars in new income for Ben’s consulting practice.

These promotions are based on the Law of Reciprocity. In today’s marketing environment, we know that it could take hundreds of millions in advertising to reach the mass audience. People do not want to be interrupted. Instead, we structure the promotion to pay the reader for his attention.

Is there a catch with the $25 Green Button offer? You do have to have an account to put collect the money, and I suppose there is a chance that you’ll not find a way to spend it.

Just like toasters at banks and the sign up bonuses other have used. It’s simple math. If enough people sign up, the new service is valuable. People will send and receive money to each other and their business will prosper.

While you are signing up to collect your $25, think about the promotion and how you could use it to sell books, get more leads, new readers or increased business from your book. I look forward to reading your comment.