Alex Mandossian and Paul Colligan are my long time friends. I have watched them teach hundreds of authors and seen the results of their brilliant marketing minds.

Wednesday night, there are going to share their secrets during a special 2 hours teleseminar

“Podcast Monetization Roadmap”

Imagine how adding “show host” to your list of accomplishments will show others your expert status.

When you add this to your promotional arsenal, you will monetize your knowledge achieve recognition, sell
more books and have a lot of fun doing it.

The “Podcast Monetization Roadmap” is a revolutionary concept for selling more books (or info products) through the power of a Podcast and the multi-million dollar buzz that little iPod device has been able to receive.

But by utilizing Podcasts, you can interview top business leaders and publish your own Business “How To” Podcast on Apple iTunes Yahoo, and dozens of others Podcast directories – in just a few hours.

Here’s your private access link, click it now:

Your VIP Discount Code is: “PC916” (Saves you $79 from the normal $99 tuition)

In just two hours, Alex and Paul promise to teach you:

  • Exactly 8 reasons why Podcasting brings them, and can bring you, a critical business (and profit) advantage.
  • 7 secrets to producing profitable Podcasting content in the fastest possible time.
  • 9 marketing channels for the Podcasters … and how to leverage each one.
  • The 6-Step Podcast Monetization Roadmap
  • How to part-the-curtain on the listening habits of your audience, and leverage that knowledge to produce profitable audience action.
  • At least 5 things, you can implement today that will integrate your Podcast content into your business structure … and how to see results almost instantly.
  • * 7 steps to getting your Podcast audience to take the very actions you want them to take.

What If You Can’t Attend?

I encourage you to register with your VIP Code, even if you can’t attend this tele-training because you’ll get access to the recordings by the following day. That means you can listen to the call over-and-over again so you don’t miss a morsal of content!

We’ll even make it available via Podcast so you can get first hand-experience at the process.

Click the private registration link now and remember to type-in your VIP Discount Code so you’ll save $79 on your tuition cost.

I look forward to your posted comments here. Someday soon, we be hearing a lot more about you.