We a launching a book to BEST SELLER status on December 7th.. and we are doing it with LOVE.

We have been collecting gifts from our network and will offer a LOVE PACKAGE.

Join us as we reach out to millions of readers to share our love of books, or love stories, and build a love connection with great authors who write about love, relationships and ways to have a better life.

What to Share

Love's Fire: Beyond Mortal BoundariesWe are each buying a copy of Tianna Conte’s Love’s Fire: Beyond Mortal Boundaries from Amazon next Tuesday. Then sending a copy to someone who may benefit from a love story, and perhaps another to a friend who has lost a loved one.

Then we are sharing love with everyone on our email lists, our blog readers, our social networks and inviting them to join us. Tianna’s book will rise to best seller status and allow here additional promotion opportunities to share this message with many more.

A Love Package For Our Readers

Anyone ordering on Tuesday gets 47 bonus gifts from our Love Network of authors and friends supporting us in this event.

Share the love. Put a note on your calendar for Tuesday December 7th, first thing in the morning.. order the book here

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We Would LOVE More Authors

If you have a gift to share we can add you to the promotion. It’s easy.

  1. Plan to buy Tianna’s book from Amazon on Tuesday 12/7
  2. See how to add your gift to the Love Package FREE
  3. Share this page, the event, and Tianna’s book with everyone you can
  4. Consider interviewing Tianna for your blog/show (optional, but worth it)

If you don’t have a gift, just make sure you are subscribed to this blog, and/or our PARTNERS MAILNG LIST so you get the free training and announcements I send.

Cross promotions like this one give every partner more exposure, and give you the best chance to meet other authors who understand the power of networking and helping each other grow. The joint venture partnerships of our authors and readers is always the best part.. I’ve watched dozens of partners form six and seven figure business deals from an introduction like this.

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