Today’s post comes live from the Bloghaus (a room with wireless access) at the Affiliate Summit West show in Las Vegas.

My mission here is to find the best programs to help authors promote books online. There are dozens of interesting possibilities, some for authors that would like to earn money from their blogs and web sites.. others with access to millions of readers for your book.

I’ve been teaching authors to have a blog site for their book, and to write about subjects of your expertise, current events and personal antidotes to engage your readers and create a dialog to build online relationships.

Some authors have asked how to monetize a blog. That’s really quite simple.. just build a regular readership and join one of the many affiliate networks.

An Affiliate Network is usually free to join. It takes a minute to sign up, then  you choose from hundreds of offers that your readers may be interested in, copy a line of code to your blog post, and get paid if your readers click and/or buy the offer.

The offers I’ve seen today include items for small business, parents, self improvement, technology, games and entertainment and health advice There is something for everyone.

One of the largest program is You can sell your books, or books on any topic you want, and earn a commission from them.

However, the exciting ideas for me here at the Summit were the advertising. We put together a deal where millions of email readers will see articles about new books we are promoting. We will pay for the new leads generated and put our author’s books in front of thousands of new readers during our upcoming best seller campaigns.

I’ll have more on the details coming up in future posts. Leave a comment here and tell me if you are in an affiliate network, and how that is working out for you.