Selling books online is faster, easier and more profitable than traditional book store sales, yet most authors are missing out on most of these sales because they haven’t learned the secret to online book promotion.

I am going to tell you the secret, and give you a quick action plan to start using the secret right now.

The secret is simple. It comes from my marketing mantra “Find out what they want and get it for them.” In online book marketing, you know where the market is. Your readers are on the Internet, in social networking groups, web sites, blogs and media sites. They want to find meaningful discussions on topic that interest them.

You have to be there to be seen.

That the secret — To sell more books online, you and your book have to BE ONLINE.

Selling Books Online is Simple

I said it was simple.  Now, ask yourself.. have you put off:

  1. Building an online mail list
  2. Writing a blog about your topic.
  3. Making comments on other blogs
  4. Creating a profile on social network sites
  5. Tracking your online reputation.

I know the answers for most of us.. “I’m going to get to that when…” No more excuses. Let do something today.

Today’s reader starts by reading about you on the Internet. If they know you, they may be searching for you on, but more likely, they search for word or phrases that they are interested in.

So let’s find out where you are.. right now. Open a browser search and type in the key words or subject of your book. Look at the top page or two of results.

You and your book should be at the top of this list. Let’s talk about what best seller authors do to get to the top and stay there.

While you have the list in front of you, take a look at what does come up. I’ll be there are other books, blogs and videos. Find one that is interesting and see if they have a community, comment section or area to join. Get on the list, post a comment and find a way to participate.

Don’t SPAM the site. Add value to the discussion and put one link back to you and your book website. This is not a place for a promotional message.

There are millions of blog sites out there. Do a search by adding the word “blog” and you’ll see plenty of places to join a discussion. All these writers and readers are interested in YOUR topic.

Get involved in the conversations that are already happening online.

There are forums, social networking sites, photo sharing sites, video sites, podcasts and more.

The secret to this is to get started. Then make it a habit to spend a few minutes each day (or a few times a week) to check in with sites where your potential readers hang out.

Here’s a place to start. Drop by my Twitter page and say hello. 140 characters… that’s simple.

You are already online surfing the web, checking email. You are reading a blog right now. The next step is to network online and build relationships that will promote you so you can be selling books online.

Will Selling Books Online Work for My Book?

Timothy Ferriss, author of the New York Times Bestseller “The Four Hour Work Week” told me that networking with blogs and bloggers was a primary marketing tool for his rise to the top.

High tech “social marketing” authors are turning out books in this new field. Many are instant best sellers because they have a following they have build up on their blogs. In the tech world, online relationships and networking are everywhere. If you don’t have a high tech topic, you are at an advantage.. you still can be at the start of this revolution.

Don’t just “go online” .. today you want to “be online”

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