Here’s what we’re doing to get authors more Google readers

Google Authorship, More Google Readers

Establishing a two way link from Google to your blog allows Google to verify that you are the author, display your content as the original, and put a picture in the search results and get more readers from Google.

We’ve been overhauling every aspect of  this site. Updated infrastructure, new framework, behind the scenes code in the blog theme and dozens of tests on state of the art plug in and widgets that will help our contributors get publicity so that the very best authors and book marketing experts will enjoy contributing their best ideas for authors.

Today, we are testing Google’s #authorship settings.

On a web page, you’ll see a simple link like: Find us on Google+

Behind the scenes, we have a two way communications process going on. Our server talks to Google’s servers and get along better. When more searching for a topic or keywords about one of our authors looks at the search engine results page (SERP) they will see the author’s photo and be more likely to click. More Google readers from better looking search results.

Today, as we work on this, there is a big SEO expert conference going on and our insiders tell us that the hot topic is how this will affect every search result.

Here’s the Good News About Authorship for More Google Readers

As of August 30, a sample of tech blogs (usually the leading edge for these innovations) showed that 90% did not use the methods introduced in mid 2011 by Google. I would imagine that AUTHORS as a group is an even smaller percentage.

We’ll have reports on how this works, including a tutorial on just how to add authorship tags to your blog or website… Stay tuned.