GalleyCat reports on Vincent Bugloisi book that became a best seller with blogs and online marketing
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“One of the major reasons The Prosecution of George W. Bush has made
it on to The New York Times Bestseller (and five others) without any
print ads or major media coverage is because of the passion, innovation
and creative energy of FSB Associates.”

“The Bugliosi book proves that web publicity is now able to make a
book a bestseller, even when more traditional media outreach falls
short,” shares Fauzia Burke. “It would have been tough to get the
amount of coverage we did if we weren’t constantly working with the
bloggers and building relationships. We strategically used three short
excerpts to pepper the Web with content from the book throughout the
two month campaign. And the progressive bloggers who supported this
book were key in creating a virtual word of mouth marketing campaign.”