On of our clients, Dr. Todd Sinett, was just on CBS The Early Show and his new book The Truth About Back Pain started selling better immediately, as would be expected.

That’s great news for Todd to be sure, and wonderful to hear that his message about the the mis-diagnosis of back pain will get out to more people… but we’re here to talk about selling your book and using the success of other authors to promote your own book.

You see, no reader buys just one book. In fact, we’ve found that the most likely buyers of the books we market are readers of the best seller books on the market already. Often, it’s not much of a competition at all.. Rather co-op-itition (cooperating with competitors) that really boosts book sales.

If you have a health or wellness topic, look at the cross promotion we’re putting together for The Truth About Back Pain at http://ZeroCostPromotions.com/8314.htm .. You will be able to get in front of millions of readers during out promotion happening next week.

If you don’t have a digital product to offer as a gift, or write in a genre that is far removed from health and wellness, you can sign up to get alerts about our FREE events at http://ZeroCostPromotions.com

Offering a sample of your work, a special report on the subject of your book, a recording of a seminar you’ve given, or an electronic version of one of your books is the best way to let new readers learn about you. When you offer these to known book buyers, you are starting a digital relationship with your most likely customers.

Do tell whatever following you have, blog, newsletter, mailing lists, about your participation in these promotions. That will be more readers for all of us to share, will earn you the reputation as someone that knows about books and in this case.. you’ll be sharing a very important message.

Watch Dr. Sinett here