I’m preparing to present to a webinar program to show how you can go from an idea to best seller book in 90 days and so I got thinking about my first best #1 best seller.

I will be sharing this on the webinar because I think there is a model here that can followed by anyone with an idea to share.

We Knew Our Book Would Be a Best Seller

My first book was compilation of stories from the co-authors. When I was asked to write my part to add to the book, I asked “Where are you going to sell the book?”

I figured that if I was going to write, people ought to read, and there was no reason to settle for anything less than BEST SELLER.

From the moment I decided to write, I started marketing. We put together a low cost, fast action plan to get promote the book before we wrote it.

The book was printed with a start burst graphic on the front cover proclaiming that it was a best seller. A bold move (and not recommended) that worked. We debuted at #1 within 2 hours of release.

That day was exactly 14 weeks from day I first decided to be part of the project. Since then, I’ve used the same process several more times, discovered some new systems that save time and get faster results, and helped produce hundreds of best selling books.

3 Takeaways For Your Best Seller

The compilation process from that first book is actually more work than writing a book with one author. We’ve also learned that the topic or niche of your book does not have to be a broad based book for everyone.

The key to producing a best seller lies outside the book. You do need to have quality…  your book represents you and must be good… However, the marketing secret is that your book will be purchased by people who have not yet read the contents. That’s who you sell to.

1. Start your marketing now. The most common mistake authors make is to put off marketing themselves and their book. This puts you behind before the book is published. If put a marketing plan in motion now, it will speed up your writing. It’s the best motivator I’ve found.

2. Focus on Being the Author. Most of the training I see for authors spends a lot of time explaining the publishing models and business of writing books the traditional ways. Successful authors understand that their unique contribution is their expertise.

3. Use Systems and Delegation. Our culture loves the story of the lonely writer taking a blank pad of paper and pen to his hideaway and slaving to write. Potential authors get this stuck in their head and then put off writing for years because they don’t have the time. Today, this is totally unnecessary. There are systems, methods and automation that will help you market yourself, produce a book that readers will love and create a best seller fast.

One of the systems I use for rapid creation is webinars. I put my ideas on slides and then invite my audience to watch as I explain systems and plans to create the outcome you are looking for.

Join me Tuesday March 8th for Idea to Best Seller in 90 days. I’ll elaborate on the points here, and show you the blueprint we use to produce a best seller fast.

There are a limited number of seats for the webinar. Make sure you reserve yours now so you can get on.