I’ve been holding off reading the NY Times Best Seller Conquer the Chaos till I knew I could give it some attention.  Well today, I got thinking that I’m going to see the authors next week and since I wanted to take the afternoon off, I sat down and read the whole thing start to finish.


That was an accomplishment. Every time I read a good business book, my mind goes off in many direction with the ideas that come to me. The best books are the ones that keep my mind racing with ideas.

I knew that would happen with Conquer the Chaos. I’ve been using InfusionSoft for many years and all of the trainings, webinars and speeches from these guys are this inspiring. Sometimes, I sit down to do a task in Infusionsoft and come up with 3 more great ideas.

Today I forced myself to read the whole book. Still, I had to pause and write down two ideas.. one of which will likely add $30,000.00 to sales in the next week.

Should you read this book? Absolutely

Marketing Lessons for Authors

Now, for authors wanting to build an empire. Here are some takeaways from turning your book into a business

  1. Think of your book as a business. It is, whether you do or not
  2. When you see a brilliant marketing strategy like this, take notes (they were an instant best seller)
  3. Tie your book into a lead generation plan for other business
  4. Plan on spending more than you make on royalties to promote
  5. FOLLOW UP (read more about this in the book.. it’s where my $30k idea came from)

Are you building a business based on your book?