I just received an email message from a PR person that wanted to drag me into an online discussion on the validity of best seller book marketing campaign.

I responded here

So typical of PR people. They want to follow some sort of rule in a marketplace that they can no longer control (not that they ever really could).

Do leads and subscribers you get from best seller campaigns work? Well, I get most of my new client that way, so I suppose I have some valid opinion on the subject.

Many of the authors (including some big names) do a lousy jog of taking care of new subscribers. You buy a book, give up your name see a bunch of offers and get tired really quick. Why type in your email address over and over?

In fact, most people don’t fill out all the registrations.. they just don’t want every gift. This is a good thing! It means that they readers that have just invested in a book on a subject, now are choosing you if they sign up for your mailing list.

This is your chance to shine. To give real value, and follow up with your new reader/prospect. They chose you, raised there hand, and said they were interested.

Should you mail a cross promotion on every book you get. NO WAY!

Be selective. Build strong relationships by telling your readers what you think is a good find for them. They will respect you for it and keep reading.

Book launch best seller campaigns should be one part of your marketing plans. Build reciprocity with the good authors you meet by telling your list about their books. (the Kevin Eikenberry post here is a example of this… I don’t post it to shill.. he’s an author I worked with last year, he called last week and I love what he’s doing.. will I make money from working with him?  I sure hope so, I want to hang out with this genius.)