You have heard about online book promotion as the fastest way to get
the word out about your book. Done right, it’s how most new authors get
best seller books today.

But can you do it in one afternoon?

friend, the brilliant best seller Ben Mack, called today to tell me
about an author that is not known well online, has not set up a mega
promotion, but has a brilliant book
How to Be Useful: A Beginner's Guide to Not Hating Work
I’ve been hearing about Megan Hustad’s book How to Be Useful: A Beginner’s Guide to Not Hating Work.
The reviews have been excellent but there was no promotion planned this
week. Ben received a case of books for those going to his event in
Boise this week, and was raving about how he want to do something

The experiment. Best Seller in an hour.  You will see how it works, and hear the process deconstructed as it happens .. details at the bottom of this post.

can be quite persuasive. He’s known for coming up with ideas that can
turn make millions for a company and is currently helping people
improve their lifes with a start up income of up to $1000/day for a
simple job replacement. We sold thousands of copies when his book came
out last year, as an instant best seller.

He invited me to a telemixer this evening at 9pm Eastern and said it was okay if you came along.

Nothing to buy.. his event this weekend is free, and so is the call
You are encouraged to buy the book.. or you may get one FREE
Plenty for author’s to learn. That alone is reason to join us

and I have ben using these ad hoc, spur of the moment events to show
how social media can inspire, motivate and change peoples lives. Last
month, I posted one video (I didn’t produce it, just cut and pasted the
code) and got 182,387 people to come to an unknown blog and watch it.

Then we did a promotion with Twitter and had 23,200 people tweeting during the New Years holiday.

Social media is the future of book promotion. As an author, you will want to study and model this type of event for your book.

When you buy How to Be Useful: A Beginner’s Guide to Not Hating Work,
be sure to tweet on Twitter, blog to your list and let people know..
this is the secret to getting involved with your readers and making the
kind of connections that allow you reach more readers, sell books and
build a profitable business as an author.

Join the call at (218)486-1300 Pin 870675 : 9PM EASTERN #espt