I just received an email from Apple announcing that I could buy an iPad now for delivery next month.

What’s odd about this?

Apple doesn’t spam me. I get receipts from iTunes and an occasional holiday reminder that an iPod makes a great holiday gift. While I’m sure they have many lists for various customer bases, as a light user of Apple products, this is the first time I’ve received a pre-release advertisement to buy an Apple Product.

ipad ad

So much hype over an evolutionary step forward.. the technology is just a larger screen iPod/iPhone with many limitations compare to tablet computer and similar sized laptops… I think this is one more signal that the smart guys are planning for another upturn in the move to ubiquitous devices everywhere.

When you get used to carrying whatever devices add value to your life, there is less and less room for a book in your bag.. especially when the reading experience becomes better than reading ink on paper.