When you are doing it right, life as an author can be the ultimate lifestyle.

  1. You get paid for your expertise
  2. People look up to you
  3. You time is your own

If this doesn’t yet describe your life, could be that you are trying to do things that an author should not do.

When you begin to focus on your highest and best use of time, and outsouce the rest, you will start see rapid growth immediately.

There is a lot of talk about outsourcing these days. Best seller books suggest having someone do any repetitive task at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself, freeing you to work on your book, or just enjoy the lifestyle you should become accostomed to.

Have you tried outsoucing in the creation, marketing, publishing and sales of your book?

Perhaps you’ve had some of the same experiences as me getting through the learning curve to profitablity.

I was struggling until I found out about “The Outsource Compendium” with you can down free.

I was so impressed with Jeff Mills, I arranged for him to do a webinar. You can sign up free, and get a copy of the ebook today.

What are your thoughts on outsoucing for authors? Leave a comment here. I’ll be reading them (I don’t outsource ilstening to you) and will respond

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