Are you one of the tens of thousands of people who lost their job this year? At first glance, losing your job might look like the worst thing that has ever happened to you.

By now you should have had time to assess the situation and realize that you probably didn’t really like your job anyway. You are now free to create your own business, centered around your passion. Working at what you love does not feel like work.

The question is, where do you start? How do you create a business from scratch and create income fairly quickly, with very little investment?

The first step is to start a website, and the second step is to write a book or ebook that you can sell on your website. You may say that you don’t know how to write a book. That’s no excuse! If you have a passion, you could talk for hours about that subject, right? You have enough information in your head to write a book.

How do you get all of that information out of your head? If you really feel that you cannot write the book, you can record your book and have it transcribed, or use a software like Dragon Speak.

This is an easy way to get the information out of your head and onto paper. The next step is to send the manuscript to an editor and let the editor make you look good. You do not have to be a good writer. You just have to know more than the average guy about your chosen subject.

Once the book is written, you can build your business around the book. Becoming an author gives you instant credibility.

The next step is to build your internet presence. The idea here is to get your name all over the web, so that when someone Googles your name, you come in at the top of the page. This is a way to get credibility and establish yourself as the author-ity in your niche.

From there the possibilities are unlimited. You can create a membership site, mastermind sessions, coaching programs, workshops, and other products and services. You can become a speaker and get paid big bucks for speaking at live events.

The more you promote and market yourself, the more money you will make. The possibilities are endless, and totally in your control.

That’s something you could never say about working for someone else

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