I gotta admit it. I still like getting a book from someone wanting a review. Especially if it’s from and author I’ve met, or a friend recommending a title.

But today, I read most books on my Kindle, phone or computer or audio playback.

As usual, my friend Robert Scoble is ahead of me. He recorded this bit on Cinch

Context is even more important. I want to know why I’ve got the book, dates and plans in your promotion (since I’m the Best Seller Book Expert).

Other contact is good too. Do I know you? Is the book the type I generally read or review? Is this for my reading pleasure, or are you considering using our professional services?

With hundreds of thousands of new books each year, no one reads them all. Rather than a mass mailing hoping for results, use these tips to build real relationships and better long term results.

What did I leave out? What other tips can you share here to get more reviews? What has worked for you?