Laura StackLaura Stack’s new book came out today and while she is already established as an author, she know the market and pulled out all the stops to have a fabulous launch day.

My gift will be one of the many bonuses you find on Laura’s book site.

She didn’t stop there. As we suggest, she has a presence in social media.. a real presence with two way conversation and a lot going on. Plus a lot more than just a book with bonuses over at her site.

Here’s a bit about the book.. read more at her site

In this competitive economy, just being able to do your job is no longer enough, and competence is expected. To be successful in the business world and reach your full potential in life, it’s not enough to be simply competent. Our modern, super-competitive world is full of opportunities for the go-getter, but to take advantage of them, it’s essential to become "Super Competent." The SuperCompetent person is one that companies fight to get, fight to keep, nurture as team players, and see as future leaders in their business growth.

But SuperCompetence isn’t something you’re born with—it’s something that you can learn, no matter where your strengths lie or what industry you work in. In SuperCompetent, productivity expert Laura Stack identifies the behaviors that build leadership skills, boost organizational efficiency, and blast high-potential producers to the top of their fields. With Stack’s Six Keys, you’ll be able to consistently improve your performance, develop the confidence that will propel you forward, and achieve breakthrough results in your career:

  1. Activity: the value and importance you place on your tasks
  2. Availability: your mastery of your schedule
  3. Attention: the capacity to focus intently and concentrate on your work
  4. Accessibility: the ability to organize the inputs and outputs in your life
  5. Accountability: the extent to which you take personal responsibility for your actions and outcomes
  6. Attitude: your motivation, drive, and proactiveness

SuperCompetent will give you proven methods to reach your maximum potential and achieve breakthrough results.