Today I’d like to share the story of an author who leveraged the debut of his first book into new revenues of millions of dollars, with the formula you can use to model his success.

Book Marketing Blog about best selling author Matt BacakWhen I first met Matt Bacak, he was already known as The Powerful Promoter, working with up and coming speakers and authors to draw a crowd or boost their book sales.

Matt developed a formula that would works as a step by step system to generate all the leads a business needs. Over the next couple of years, he took on hundreds of clients, helped them set up his system, a turnkey package that an author or business can use to make sure they never have to chase down business again.

Imagine how you could grow if your prospective clients were contacting you.. asking to buy. It changes everything.

So when Matt told me he was sharing the system in a book, I knew we would have something people would want. We immediately made plans to launch The Ultimate Lead Generation Plan as a #1 best seller.

From December 29-31, 2005 we had millions of emails sent to opt in subscribers on hundreds of email mailing lists. The first day, we shot up to #1 at, the Barnes and Nobles online store. Thousands bought the book to read about Matt’s system. Thousands got excited by the 207 bonus gifts that were offered from people who purchase the book during that promotion.

When Barnes and Nobles stock was depleted, we switched to where the book went to the top as millions more emails were delivered.

A here’s the rest of the story..

You have seen the emails from our partners in these promotions. We regularly put together teams of authors, online entrepreneurs, newsletters and bloggers to launch a new book. The details vary, we add virtual book tours and media appearances and social media marketing to the mix, but the basic principle in a cross promotion is the same. We create buzz of all the partners, and grow together as we launch each best seller book to the market.

I want to tell you about two things that Matt did that resulted in massive success from this promotion:

First off, Matt understood that the book was not the income generating event for this promotion. In fact, donated the proceeds of book sales to Habitat for Humanity. We helped a good charity, and they were happy to let us promote using their name. This resulted in additional sales to readers who were interested in the work of Habitat for Humanity and attracted even more partners to the promotion.

But the biggest benefit to the Habitat connection was that it allowed us to remain focused on the real money making opportunity. The readers of the book were the best prospects for the course Matt taught and the systems his team put in place for authors and businesses. We knew that we would be investing in long term business growth for Matt’s business when he became a best seller.

The second key difference in the promotion for The Ultimate Lead Generation Plan was the tie in to Matt’s sales system.

Each book buyer was given a free consultation with one of Matt’s senior strategists. His whole team cleared their calenders and focused on spending time with any reader who accepted the invitation, providing many times the value of the book.

The results

New Prospects We had thousands register for a package of gifts, before the book hit #1

Book Sales Thousands each day of the promotion.. thousands more as word of the event traveled.

Recognition New partners and co-promoter started asking to work with Matt and promote his programs

Publicity Matt got additional coverage about the book and the donation to Habitat

Sales Revenues Sales tripled in the first month, and doubled again the next month.

When you have a system in place to allow readers who want more to connect and buy, you will see much more income from those clients than ou will ever make on sales of your book. In Matt’s case, we were able to compare the conversion process to other working lead generation systems.

There was a big difference in the quality of the new leads and business. Book buyers were 3-5 times more likely to buy the program and training connected to the book. Once they had made the commitment to Matt and his book, they were more likely to buy, and more likely to get results from the program.

Matt has gone on to author another book that creates leads for his business, and implemented his formula in other businesses with annual revenues in the millions.

I have worked with authors using the formula and our best seller promotions to launch successful businesses around their book, or generate new leads and increased revenues for their existing businesses.

Today, you can’t just call Matt and buy this system. He spends most of his time doing implementation of the formula in his other businesses. However, you can have my Book Marketing Strategy course fore free. Just tell me where you want it at my free book marketing course

If you are on my mailing list, or sign up today. I also have a gift from Matt that will blow you away… I’ve been working with him for the past couple of months behind the scenes, and want you to be the first to see this. As an author, you are a business owner, and this is going to be the easiest business decision you make this year.

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