As you begin using social media to attract new readers, sell more books and become a best seller, you will want to tell everyone you meet about the good things in your life.
That what networking is all about right?

One thing you’ll want to say is “My new book is a must read”

I suggest you be careful here. Think about the person you are talking to.. what they want to hear.

I’ll quote my friends Jackie & Ben of Church of the Customer Blog who have an excellent network for people wanting to use “Word of Mouth” to build buzz about a book, product or meme.

From the Society for Word of Mouth network terms of service:

What are SWOM’s terms of usage (or How Not to be a Turd)
SWOM is predicated on authenticity — real people who share their stories, data and experiences. It’s up to the SWOM community to maintain the highest levels of trust and authenticity, for one cannot exist without the other. To help ensure that, SWOM has established guidelines for all members to abide by. Failure to adhere to the guidelines may cause you to get trebucheted out of SWOM.

1. Give and you’ll get more back.

2. Be real.

3. Don’t be a turd or a troll.

4. Ideas grow in value as they spread.

These sites aren’t a billboard for your ads. Just like a water cooler conversation, a chamber mixer, or a cocktail party, no one want to talk to someone that walks up and strats selling.

But when you get to know people, and they find out about your book (like in your SIG or profile) they will start asking you. Then you can tell them what they want to hear.

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