We have BIG plans here at BestSellerAuthors. I’ll be posting here within the next couple of days with new programs to help you get your book finished, write the books that the public wants, attract new readers, sell books and become a best seller.

First, I’d like to check in and see which of the following you want most for your book:

  • Help figuring out what to write
  • How to quickly build an online following that want to buy your book
  • Quick ways to get the word out about your book
  • Publishing and self-publishing options.. which is best?
  • E-books, blogs and podcasts that create new profits
  • How to turn your book or idea into a high ticket course
  • Where to find new readers for book
  • Advertising online and off
  • What it takes to get the media to notice you
  • Public Speaking opportunities for authors
  • How to sell bulks in bulk for fast and wide distribution
  • Exactly how you can make your first dollar online

Post a COMMENT here and tell me which of the above (or other topics) you’d like to see.

Update 20 July 2016