I admit I’m a twitter.com addict.

I post 20 tweets (twitter messages) for every blog post here. Most are very short, and twitter doesn’t allow any over 140 characters (not 140 words.. just 140 characters). I’m also using several other quick posting social media tools and explore new ones everyday.


First off, I went to Twitter for the same reasons I started blogging, write article, send email and have a web site. Because I know my readers are there. I always want to be where my readers might be looking for me.

But there is an important difference with Twitter.com. Once you get the hang of it, you find that there are lots of “spare moments” where you can check in with friends and let them know you care. After a while, I discovered that that I like having tons of friends, and now have a way to create and maintain relationships without a overbearing grip on my regular schedule.

If I think of sharing, I can do it in seconds.

If you are on twitter.. follow me and I will follow you back (that means we’re friends in twitterspeak). My handle is warrenwhitlock.

If you are not on Twitter, you can click here to get an absolutely free account.

Here’s short, fun video to help you get into twitter.

Be sure to leave a comment here with your twitter feed URL so we all can follow you too.