Let’s talk about you and your book getting noticed on line.

I’ve been reading the comments from my recent posts, and compiling a list of the topics that we’ll be posting here, and tweaking some of the offering to make sure we get you what you need to market your book in 2016.

Thanks to those who comment. And if you haven’t been submitting comments, and you want to start getting noticed online, this is a great way to get connected online. Just find a post that is relevant (such as me asking how I can help you), find the COMMENTS section and post.

Include your web site URL in the website field so others interested in what you do can find you.

Some things change, but the basic equation stays the same… If you want to be getting noticed online, or in any type of marketing venue today, you need to

  1. Find out where the people are that will most likely want to read your book
  2. Go there, participate, and add value to the discussion

I often surf the web on topics I’m interested in. Before leaving a page or blog post, I add a comment if that is permitted. Since doing this, I’ve seen thousands of new visitors link to my web page.

My motto:

If you have time to read it, you have time to leave a thoughtful comment

Getting Noticed Online Starts With Helping Others

Ask yourself: What group is most interested in what you do? When you identify them, then ask Where do they go on the web?

If you think that there might not be enough, you either have a poor choice for a subject, or just haven’t tried looking. Do a search for the keyword terms that are associated with your topic or subject. For instance Google allows searches on videos, blogs, news reports, and user groups. There are many millions of these out there.

If you don’t have a web site, start with a page on an author site. Ask any teenager if you need help (they all have a page now). The resulting page will have a URL address that you will see listed. Presto.. in about 10 minutes, you are online!

Other sites that can quickly give you a web page, and help you connect with readers include, Linkedin.com, Facebook.com.

These basics will take you an hour or two to complete, with no cost, but substantial presence on the Internet. The resulting traffic and sales will be small at first, but as you follow your Best Seller Roadmap and the ideas you will get from reading this blog, you will begin to see your web presence snowball