Busy day here at BestSellerAuthors.com.

We had another book get a #1 best seller spot on Amazon, finished up editing on a book coming out this Spring and ordered printing for yet another best seller due out soon.

I got so pumped up with all the good news, I thought I’d work late and get some design changes implemented on this blog.

Well, I’m still trying, now 2 hours into the project and this is the nearest I’ve come to the blog project.. Why? Because I just have so many good new sites to share with you.


Anyone with a web cam can do a video book review. Amazon has a link that will let you attach a video to any book. Facebook will take input right form your web cam. We’re planning a tutorial on video reviews, with my assumption that it is better to do reviews on other books rather than your own.

Today, I found a perfect example from my friend, NY Times Best Selling author Joel Comm. Joel reviews his favorite books for business here.

You should watch this. Joel is a very smart guy, and all the books he talks about are must reads for anyone marketing online . Plus, you can see just how easy it was for Joel to do the video. It’s essentially Joel grabbing the books from the bookshelf and talking about them. Great content that you can model for your own video reviews.


My friend and frequent partner Kevin Nations is known for turning your book or book idea into a big ticket business.

Now he shows us how to use Facebook to build your reputation by opening the best Facebook Group I’ve seen.

Very strong launch sequence. If you are on Facebooks (as every author should be) you should join the group just to see how well he does this. You’ll get a warm welcome direct from Kevin, and gobs of useful and actionable training and information for FREE .. while witnessing a classic good marketing implementation.

Kevin’s got a book due out soon. He knows the importance of extending his base in social media. You can learn double with this one.

Join now with this link (require FREE Facebook registration if you aren’t already a member)


I’ve been using Utterz for a few weeks, and talking to friends who were on the sight during the beta last year. It has to be the easiest audio product I’ve seen.. and it’s completely FREE.

Can you use this!  Well, only if you know how to use a phone. .. I just push one button on my phone, then hit #2 when I get the prompt.. talk and hang up.

I’ll be adding a feed to this blog as part of that update I had planned for this evening.. but you can always get my Best Seller Authors Book Marketing feed at Utterz

You can also you photos, video and web based additions to your Utterz feed… which some people use as their primary blog site.

I’ve just started through the list. I have many more to add, but I’ve got to get back to the site redesign before I fall asleep. Watch for more here, and be sure to take some quick action.. you can do all three of these in an hour once you get set up.. and you will start seeing new connections and traffic in a short time.

Be sure to leave a comment here to tell us how it works for you. Include a link to your feed or promo site (always welcomed and encouraged if you leave a relevant post)