I read best selling author David Meerman Scott’s excellent blog because he not only agrees with what I teach authors about creating a best seller campaign.. but he does it better than just about any author.

Today he posted and excellent post and inspired me to watch an hour long presentation video and read more on the interviews he did with other best selling authors like Seth Godin.

The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue EXCELLENCEMy favorite concept is one we’re using more and more in out best seller book marketing campaigns.. that is giving away great content to attract readers. David went to one of my all time favorite authors, Tom Peters and got two excellent examples of blogging to book writing.

You can easily see how Peter’s latest book, BIG comes from 163 blog posts that were posted as free content on the web.. but you might not have known that the huge hit of 1982 was developed in much the same way.

Tom Peters is a prolific author and very successful. David Meerman Scott is on his way to being just as successful. Watch this video and see how you can model what they have done in your own book marketing and promotion