For a limited time, I’m offering a FREE TRAINING CALL for anyone wanting to use Audio or the AskDatabase on their web site.

1. Audio Generator is the simplest way to add audio to any web site. You can use it to send audio postcards, enhance the reader sign ups on web forms by 300-400% and phone in audio clips from any phone. –(that’s right, no equipment needed)

2. The AskDatabase uses a sophisticated technology behind the scenes to make it ultra easy to find out what your prospective readers want and then instantly design information tailored to exactly what they need.

Here the deal.. If you order either of the above from my link, then send me an email a [email protected] I will help you set up either on your first installation.

Rules. 1) You must order from these links. 2) I will schedule your call only after you sign up

Sign up for AudioGenerator using this link <– allows you to send 3 audio postcards FREE before you buy

Sign up for AskDatabase using this link  <–Limited time $1 special for my readers

There are special offer when you use these links. I want o make sure that you start using these, so I’m offering this limited time offer.

Place a comment here if you have questions about the offers.