What do you do if you don’t foresee the ability to be financially secure when you retire?

CPA and Attorney James Lange’s new book Retire Secure: For Same-Sex Couples takes the best of his financial advice and tailors it to older same-sex and unmarried couples who typically don’t have the same benefits as traditional married spouses. Because in reality, all you need is to be better informed on your options.

A recent Supreme Court decision and changes in the tax code have changed the playing field, and awareness is the first step towards change.

The well-organized book’s narration flows well, and the blueprint  is laid out in an easy-to-understand and customizable manner, with charts and graphs to illustrate crucial points. And it explains why positioning assets correctly is key to happy retirement. Just implementing some of the strategies on same-sex marriage, health care, trusts or inheritance taxes could save a couple hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Reading the book won’t make you rich all by itself. But reading and following Lange’s advice allows you to build and protect wealth to the fullest extent possible.

james lange, author of best selling retire secure books

Bestselling author James Lange advises people on how to save on taxes and maximize retirement funds.

The book has a social aspect as well. All proceeds from the book are being donated to Freedom to Marry, a non-profit organization that promotes marriage equality.

Grab your own copy on Amazon, for yourself or a loved one who would otherwise retire without enough money. It’s sure to become a well-loved and heavily used resource for the future.