Gift My friend Peggy McColl is releasing another best selling book today.

I suggest you look at her book launch promotion, buy the book and model Peggy

Why Every Author Can Learn From Peggy

Every author I talk to has the dream of becoming a best seller. Few make it. Peggy did.

Like a dog with a bone, she didn’t give up, discovered the leverage she could get from driving her book to best seller status on Amazon, and then creating relationships to to that again and again.

Peggy was so good at doing this, she turned it into a business and had many best seller clients.

Then she pulled out all the stops with the release of Your Destiny Switch in early 2007. That book went to the New York Times Best Seller List the week it came out.

Be a Dog With a Bone by Peggy McColl: Book CoverThe promotion site is up now.. be sure to click through and read how Peggy and her partners have taken book launches to the next level.. and remember it all started with an author who lives the title Be a Dog With a Bone: Always Go For Your Dreams.

Get the book, read it and plan on meeting Peggy someday soon to tell her how you modeled her success. I know she will be excited to meet you.


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