I’m playing with the Alpha version of the new Digg.

It has some nifty buttons to allow a connection to Facebook friends and Twitter connects. Both have not worked for me, but hey, this is an Alpha version, right?

The feel of this new site is much more like newer sites, which I hope allows the masses to use DIGG more. Over the years I’ve found some great content there, but never quite got into the community.

Of course.. I would love to get in that community. When they like a story, it goes nuts and breaks servers. Don’t we all want so many reader that our server breaks? 🙂

Now adding BestSellerAuthors feed with the Key c7a5503de7d840b59fde7984238a3ccf Tried it elsewhere and got an error (me, or the Alphaness, who knows?)

Have you tried Digg? What value do you think it has for the average book author doing book marketing?