Radically Transparent by Andy Beal
I spent some time with Andy Beal last year. He’s an expert at the kind of marketing I’ve been telling authors to use, and his book Radically Transparent: Monitoring and Managing Reputations Online will be a must read for any authors wanting to attract readers online and build strong relationships fast.

I read Andy’s blog and follow him on Twitter.. got a message today that lead to this Amazon.com trick

Andy doesn’t have a big promotion promising you goodies for buying. But he is marketing himself and his book, I imagine he’ll be a best seller just with the social marketing that he is doing so well.

As you can see. This is a transparent attempt to get you to buy my friends book, let him know that I support him, and offer something that I know is good for you.

Sometimes all it takes to get book sales is to ask readers to go buy your book