Are you using these resources to sell your book?

To sell books, you need to be seen.

There are social networking sites for every interest.. Authors are networking

with readers to sell more book.

Here’s a few you can easily join FREE and use to attract readers, sell books and grow your own network.

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The biggest community totally focused on people who read books.

Today it’s mandatory to have your book listed.. but what about a listing for YOU?

Get an PROFILE. It allows you to link to your web site, link to readers, post updates about your book (or anything else).

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Authors and readers are joining GoodReads and listing books that they like.

Network here with other authors, and list as many books as you want

Put in all the books you like, and network with readers that like the same


You can see my profile at:

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I just signed up a high priced consulting gig from a contact I made on Facebook.

Some people are now using it as their primary web interface.

Once you get connected with the people you know (your friends are already there.. Facebook grows at 2 million people per week)… you will find readers looking for you.

Book launches, best seller campaigns teleseminars and live events are all being held at ZERO COST on Facebook.

You can promote there too.

Once you are signed up, send me an invite (add a note that you are responding to

this message)

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Shelfari has the best developed system for listing books that you have read or

want to read.

It’s easy to find people that are collecting books in your subject area.

** Advanced Connections **

Want to know about connection power for the most connected person I know?

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Make connections… readers will share your book with their own networks.

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