I was cleaning up a blog post comment list. The usual deletions, the off topic sales pitch and of course the one line messages that say “I don’t know if I agree” to pretend that they had read the post.

Then I saw this:


The comment was on a post about “Cheesy Joke Day” where I solicited jokes from Twitter followers and got comments with some of the cheesiest jokes possible and a lot of conversation on Twitter… so we can be pretty certain that the above quote is not from someone that read the post.

However, I had to share the comment here… and wonder. “How much does this writer get paid?”

I’m not sure if I’d want this kind of style for any legitimate project, but maybe I could get him to write thank you notes? 🙂

If anyone tells you they have a team who can “be you on social media” please remember this is the best I’ve seen and say “no one but me gets to be me”