Personality Not Included: Why Companies Lose Their Authenticity And How Great Brands Get it BackWe’ve been following Rohit Bhargava and his new book Personality Not Included.

Rohit is an experienced marketer, and learning book promotion quickly.

His post How Malcolm Gladwell Proved There Is Such A Thing As Karma shared some thing new authors learn when doing on site promotions:

Doing that, I learned a couple of big lessons:

  1. Boxes of books are heavy. It pays to get them sent directly to a venue if you can.
  2. The first moment when you sign a set of books, you really feel like an author.
  3. Everyone wants a signed copy of a book. Somehow, that makes a free book a lot better.
  4. And, to refer back to the title of this post, there is such a thing as karma.

You can also learn from Rohit’s promotion

  1. In the Internet age, live event’s can work
  2. Us events that target thought leaders and influencer’s
  3. Be ready for the serendipity that comes from being an author

To learn how going a little bit further to share your book, great things can happen, read Rohit’s blog post