I was referred to a webinar featuring my friend Tara Hunt (you might know her at @MissRogue on Twitter).

When I got to the link, I was delighted to see the attached video along with others and the promise of more to come.

Steve Cunningham of Polar Unlimited has a program call ReadItFor.Me featuring great books summarized in less than 10 minutes. Every book I saw was worthy of recommendation. I’d suggest you watch the videos and buy all of them.

Watch this video on The Whuffie Factor by Tara Hunt, order a copy and use these principles in your own business, book promotion and publicity campaigns.

Register for the webinar and/or listen to all the recordings on Steve’s site.

Idea for Authors Marketing Any Book

You can contact reviewers like Steve that may be appropriate for your book. Once you get a video like this, post it on your blog.. and link wherever your can to the reviewers site. There is so much more credibilty in a review by a 3rd party.

And I’m sure you will agree.. this is much more appealing than a text only review in a magazine!

While you are waiting for these types of reviews.. or even before your book is published.. you can make you own videos about the book and post them for all to see and comment on.

Now here’s the social media marketing advanced book marketing technique… Don’t make the video about your own book

You read right. No matter how wonderful your book is, no matter how much of a must read it will become, no matter how essential your message it to the world.. you will get much more WHUFFIE (you watched the video and ordered The Whuffie Factor so you know this, right?) when you turn the spotlight on other people.

By now you know other authors. Imagine how they will feel about a video like this (or an interview, review or guest post on your blog).

The more you shine your light on others, the brighter it becomes.