Guest Post by Fabian Tan

When it comes to the ebook business, too many information marketers are leaving too much money on the table! Don’t be one of them. Here’s how to increase your profits by as much as ten fold once you apply these killer steps:

Step #1: Write about niche topics

If your niche is too broad, chances are your ebook will appeal to very little people in your market, since your product will be too “cookie cutter”. Try to make your ebook topic as specific as possible. Instead of a topic like Time Management, try a topic like Time Management For Busy Moms instead.

Step #2: Give them a taste

Offer your prospects a taste of your product by offering a sample/excerpt download of your ebook on your sales page. Once your reader has seen a part of your ebook and likes it, he will definitely want to get his hands on the full product. It’s a powerful concept, and it’s why department stores often offer samples of snacks and cosmetics at their stores.

Step #3: Offer resale rights

Offer the resale rights to your product! This allows the buyer to resell your product and keep 100% of the profits. Of course, you can set terms such as a minimum selling price to prevent too much saturation in the marketplace. Generally, people love resale rights ebooks because they allow them to get into business instantly without creating their own product.

There you go, 3 killer steps to boosting your ebook revenue. Go try them today and surprise yourself with the results!