I’ve written a few times about the power of blog cross promotion.

Still, some authors ask if it’s worth the time and if will really work for them.

Yes! There is nothing more powerful in online promotion than the simple comments you post. In the past 48 hours, I posted a book marketing tip and encouraged comments. Then I went to the blogs or web sties of the commenters and posted comments or signed up for the newsletters.

Results, I strengthen two joint venture relationships and privately discussed making more money together. Plus, I found a new partner to cross promote with, and recommended another to a friend I work with.

These releatoinships will be worth thousands of dollars in commission.

But what about the time commitment.

The time to post an honest comment on a blog is a little as a few seconds, and certainly less than five minutes. If you weren’t reading blogs, it could be a major change in behavior, a learning curve and then maybe some time each day… but I know you are reading blogs, because you are reading this!

To leave a comment, just scroll down to the bottom of the blog post and click on the comment link. (sometimes a form is already on the page you are reading). The first time you leave a comment on a blog, you will need to type in your name, email address (always kept private) and your URL (you want to do this, it gets you the link you want).

Then put in a couple of lines about what you think of the article you just read.

That’s all it takes. You get a qualified link back to your web site, a new relationship, and a chance to show your expertise online.

Here’s some of the blog articles I found from recent comments on this blog:

Dreams Become Reality

The love tank

Making Money With Your Blog

Much Ado About Nothing Exegesis

Take a moment now and click on any of these links. Then tell the author what you thought of his/her posts. It’s okay to mention your book title or business in the comments.

Don’t be surprised if you see some new business from this.