Best Seller Book Expert Warren Whitlock has a track record of predicting best seller books. Now focusing on Donna Marie Thompson’s “Bouncing Back From Loss: How To Learn From Your Past, Heal the Present and Transform Your Future” as the best seller book for March

“Bouncing Back From Loss: How To Learn From Your Past, Heal the Present and Transform Your Future” is the personal story of Donna Marie Thompson’s personal triumph, with an important twist. Warren Whitlock and his network of best-selling authors has chosen this book to go to best seller status this month because of this twist.

“When I first heard about Donna Marie’s story, I expected a typical story about dealing with bad situations or how she got to a happy ending” said Warren Whitlock. “That would have been a interesting read, but not best seller book material. Instead, I saw a blueprint for learning from life’s lessons that readers can use to glue their life’s back together when their own world falls apart. This leads to unique benefits for readers.”

Whitlock’s network of authors include hundreds of best sellers and several thousand aspiring authors. When they identify a good book that deserves more recognition, they assemble a team to focus promotion on one title to make it a best seller and create a promotional buzz online. In doing so, many authors will get more attention for their own work.

“Bouncing Back From Loss” will debut on the best seller lists on March 16. Authors, bloggers and online marketers looking for free cross promotion are invited to join the network at

Donna Marie Thompson, PhD is a popular speaker and Certified Professional Coach. She host the “Bouncing Back” show on Real Coaching Radio, focusing on relationships. was founded by Best Seller Book Expert Warren Whitlock to provide resources to new authors with good ideas. Whitlock’s specialty is moving an author from idea to best seller in 90 days. The web site offer reviews of best book, book marketing strategy, and training for authors.